E.A. Hornel. From Camera to Canvas

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E.A. Hornel. from Camera to Canvas

Published by Birlin, 2020, Softcover.

ISBN: 9781780276816

hotography was crucial for E. A. Hornel (1864-1933).

From 1891 to the end of his career, he built up an extensive photographic collection that was key in making him a successful painter. By analysing this collection, we can examine his ways of working more closely and reveal the attitudes that lie behind his paintings. Of particular importance in this regard are the photographs he took or collected in Japan during his visit in 1893-94, and the experiences he had in the country.

This book focuses particularly on the Japanese aspect of Hornel’s photography collection. The book’s contributors discuss Hornel’s experiences in Japan in 1893-94, the photographs he collected there and the wider context in which he worked. By undertaking analysis of Hornel’s Japanese photographs – as well as his wider photographic collection, his paintings, his Japanese books and his home of Broughton House – the contributors explore how these elements subsequently affected everything from his way of painting to the design of his garden.

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