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Reading The Gaelic Landscape


Reading The Gaelic Landscape Leughadh Aghaidh na Tire

By John Murray

Published by Whittles Publishing, Second edition fully revised. Paperback

ISBN: 9781849954389

The book enriches the experience of walkers, climbers, sailors, bird watchers and fishers by sketching the named context, where they practice their pursuits. Outdoor enthusiasts need no longer struggle with unfamiliar spellings and words, as they can develop a new perspective of place through an understanding of Gaelic toponymy. The ways Gaelic poets like Sorley MacLean and Duncan Ban MacIntyre used the named landscape in their work is explored.

Names are used to speculate about species extinctions and the history of the Caledonian Forest. Readers learn how place has been defined in Gaelic and how this has been recorded, through a deeper understanding of how native speakers applied their language to the landscape. This new edition will build on the praise for the first:* …essential for those interested in the Highlands and its ancient, living language.

It helps readers and outdoor enthusiasts understand seemingly obscure words on maps, with insights into landscape history and ecology. The Scots Magazine* …John Murray’s book is unique … The result is a triumph.

… Just occasionally you come across a book whose lasting value is so obvious that you know people will be referring to it in 50 years’ time or more. Reading the Gaelic Landscape is one of those books.

Undiscovered Scotland* …the scope of the book is admirably broad, with primers on the history of the Gaelic language in Scotland, how the first maps of the country came to be made, and how the Gaelic speakers of old would have conceptualised things like colours and sounds, seasons and time. Roger Cox, The Scotsman* …this book is a useful resource for those interested in Scotland’s landscapes, environment and history. Wild Land News

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