Treasure Islands True Tales of a Shipwreck Hunter


Treasure Islands. True Tales of a Shipwreck Hunter

By; Alec Crawford

New Paperback.

In 1971 Alec Crawford is determined to make his fortune from ship salvage. Early attempts lead nowhere until he teams
up with a new partner, Simon Martin. Diving in Hebridean waters, they explore remains of the Spanish Armada, and the
wreck of the SS Politician, the vessel made famous in the Whisky Galore. But money is scarce and irregular, and the
work is fraught with danger and disappointment.
Until they hear of one of the most incredible wrecks of all time – the White Star Liner Oceanic, which, when built in 1899,
was the biggest and most luxurious ship in the world. Widely regarded as an ‘undiveable’ wreck, lying somewhere off the
remote island of Foula, they decide to take the challenge. They face unbelievably dangerous waters and appalling
weather conditions, and when a large salvage company takes action against them, they also have a huge legal fight on
their hands. But if they succeed, the rewards will be enormous…

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